DW Horses For Sale

All horse sales include optional:

30 Day Trial Period: is limited to on-site.  Horse may not leave premises during this period.  In most circumstances, these trials may be free from board fees.  Trial period requires a deposit.  Please inquire.

Discounted Lesson Packages: Please inquire if you would like to include a lesson package with your purchase, we are happy to discount a lesson or training package in order to be sure you get on the right path with your new horse!

All horses are guaranteed up to date on:




It’s extremely important to us that we match each horse with their forever homes.  We try our very best to match horses to the right people and prefer that each horse be given ample opportunity to get to know their new person prior to making any final decisions, which is why we offer the 30-day trials.    In addition, it is always good to consider the possibility of taking lessons with the horse in question prior to purchasing a horse.  We are also happy to schedule observation time, and various types of opportunities for you to get to know the horse of your liking before making a commitment to purchase.  Please disclose with us the details of your goals so that we can do our best to make the right match.

Once you take the horse home, the sale is final.  Please keep in mind that most horses need at least 30 days to settle into their new environment, especially with new horses, but also with their new human.  It takes time to get to know each other and figure out what works best in your partnership.  We HIGHLY recommend some continuing education.  Find a reputable trainer in your area that can help to guide you through the best steps to getting acquainted with your new horse.  This will ensure a long lasting, safe partnership!

Please inquire regarding individual videos of each horse.

Private appointments are encouraged, as this is the best way to get to know the horses that we have available, and to take the time to sense an emotional connection with a possible match.

Please let us know if you are interested in scheduling some time to meet or observe any of the listed horses.

509-674-5961 Barb(Facility Owner)

509-260-0385 Shannon(Facility Trainer)


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